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Kaizen Kaizen is a Japanese business philosophy term for continuous improvement in work processes. Kaizen is based on the idea that small, incremental improvements in work processes can have a significant impact on overall productivity and efficiency. The philosophy is rooted in the Japanese concept of “kaizen,” which means “improvement.”
Kanban Kanban is a Japanese method of controlling the flow of materials in a production process so that only the necessary amount of inventory is maintained at each process stage. This results in shorter production times and lower costs.
Kanban Card A Kanban card is a physical or virtual card used to represent a task in a Kanban system. Kanban cards typically contain the task description, assigned resources, due date, and other details.
Kanban System A Kanban system is a workflow management method for optimizing the flow of materials, information, or tasks in a manufacturing or service process.
Kerbside Kerbside or curbside is the side of pavement surrounded by a curb. The kerbside is typically utilized to collect recyclables and domestic waste in urban and suburban areas.
Kitting Kitting is a production process in which individual parts or components are gathered to form a complete product. The term is often used to assemble custom-made products like bicycles, furniture, or automobiles.

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