Cargo Types and Countries DFreight Doesn’t Provide Services

Cargo Types and Countries DFreight Doesn't Provide Services

Join us in uncovering the reasons behind DFreight’s careful selection of cargo types and the countries we don’t Provide Services.

When it comes to shipping and logistics, it’s crucial to understand that not all cargo types are handled by every service provider. At DFreight, we take pride in our commitment to quality and customer service, so we specialize in certain kinds of cargo while refraining from offering services for others. Here’s a brief overview of the cargo types and countries for which we do not provide services and the reasons behind these decisions.

Cargo Types DFreight Doesn’t Provide Services

Cargo Types DFreight Doesn't Provide Services - DFreight

Personal Shipments

At DFreight, our primary focus is on serving business partners. We do not provide services for personal shipments, and here’s why. Personal shipments often require specialized courier services that are better equipped to handle individual needs and preferences. By focusing on business partners, we can dedicate our resources to providing top-notch service tailored to the unique demands of commercial cargo.

Army/Military Shipments

Shipping military or army cargo involves complex regulations, permits, and security measures. As a private logistics company, we cannot navigate the intricacies associated with military cargo. Special government permits and clearances are often required, making them more suitable for government or military-specific logistics providers.

Bulk Shipments

Bulk cargo requires specialized equipment and infrastructure. Handling bulk shipments is outside our current operational scope. Companies specializing in bulk cargo transportation are better equipped to meet the specific needs of this industry.

Live Animals

Shipping live animals for pets or agriculture demands expertise in animal welfare, temperature control, and specialized containers. Due to the intricate nature of transporting live animals, we do not offer this service to ensure the safety and well-being of the animals involved.

Expensive Vaccines

Transporting expensive vaccines requires stringent temperature controls and specialized packaging to maintain their efficacy. DFreight does not handle vaccination shipments to ensure that these critical medical supplies are managed by experts who keep their integrity throughout the shipping process.

Courier Shipments Under 50 Kg

For shipments under 50 kilograms that require rapid delivery, courier services are often the best choice. These services specialize in providing quick and efficient delivery for small packages. We recommend utilizing dedicated courier companies for such shipments, as they can offer more cost-effective and timely solutions.


We do not handle currency shipments. This includes transporting banknotes, coins, or any form of monetary currency. Such cargo requires specialized security measures and compliance with strict financial regulations, making it more suitable for financial institutions and specialized cash transport services.

Dangerous Goods (Class 1, Class 7)

DFreight does not transport dangerous goods falling under Class 1 (explosives) and Class 7 (radioactive materials) according to the regulations. These materials require highly specialized equipment and training to ensure safety and compliance.

Fine Arts

While we understand the value of fine art, DFreight does not provide services for transporting delicate and valuable artworks. The handling of fine art demands expertise in art preservation, climate control, and secure packaging, which requires the specialized services of art logistics companies.

Ultra High-Value Cargo

Ultra high-value cargo, often involving items of exceptionally high worth, falls outside our current service range.

Countries DFreight Doesn’t Provide Services

DFreight does not provide services to countries currently involved in conflicts or under international sanctions. This policy helps us ensure the safety and integrity of our shipments while adhering to global regulations. Countries such as Russia, Iran, Ukraine, and others facing similar situations fall under this category. While we aspire to offer logistics solutions worldwide, our commitment to quality and compliance with international laws and sanctions takes precedence in these challenging regions.


In conclusion, our decision not to provide services for these cargo types and countries is rooted in our dedication to maintaining quality and prioritizing customer service. We believe that by specializing in specific cargo types and avoiding those that require highly specialized expertise or extensive government involvement, we can better serve our business partners and ensure a smooth and reliable shipping experience. At DFreight, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction remains our top priority.

What type of commodities can I ship by DFreight?

We ship a wide variety of commodities from/to the UAE, including General Cargo, Automotive
Products, Construction Equipment, Perishables, Healthcare Products, and High-Tech Electronics.

What countries do you provide freight services for?

We offer comprehensive End-to-End business freight services worldwide, including countries in
Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, and Oceania. However, we offer competitive
prices for our target trade lanes such as China, India, and most European countries through our
extensive network.

What freight services do you provide?

We offer a comprehensive range of freight services to meet your shipping needs. Our services
include Ocean Freight (FCL, LCL), Air Freight (Standard, Chartered, Consolidation), and Customs
Clearance for shipping a wide range of cargo types from/to the UAE.

How do you assure the safety of goods during transit?

Safety is our priority, and we adhere to international standards and regulations, along with
employing experienced personnel to follow best practices in handling and packaging, combined
with real-time tracking, to ensure that goods are delivered in optimal condition.

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