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At DFreight, we provide a wide range of business sea freight services for a variety of commodities, including foods, fruits, electronicscosmetics, and furniture; offering transparent, effective, and reliable door-to-door cargo to Germany from the UAE and vice versa. You can conduct business without being concerned about the challenges of shipping from the UAE to Germany using our all-in-one digital freight solutions.

Our digital freight forwarding platform provides real-time monitoring of shipments, ensuring that you have complete visibility and control over your cargo. We offer end-to-end services tailored to your unique requirements, making shipping to and from Germany a hassle-free experience. We help you ship business cargo to various cities in Germany, including Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, etc. in the easiest, fastest, and safest way possible.

You can rely on DFreight to assist you with all of your international cargo shipping to Germany thanks to our FCL and LCL shipment ocean freight cargo services. With the help of our digital freight platform, you may submit your inquiry right away and receive the best competitive prices for shipping your cargo to Germany.

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Major Sea Ports in Germany
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Hamburg Port

The Port of Hamburg, a seaport in Hamburg, Germany, is located on the Elbe River and is about 110 kilometers from the North Sea. Germany’s “Gateway to the World” is this port, which is Germany’s largest by volume. In addition to being the third-largest seaport in Europe and the largest in Germany, the Port of Hamburg is also the biggest rail hub in the continent.

This port features cutting-edge handling, warehousing, and transshipment capabilities. An average of 9000 boats and 9 million TEU cargo pass through this port each year. 25% of internal shipping activities are located in Hamburg’s port, which also serves as a key link between Eastern and Central European regions.

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Bremen/Bremerhaven Port

One of Europe’s most significant universal ports is in Bremen/Bremerhaven. The port of Bremen/Bremerhaven, Germany’s most important industrial center, is situated on the edge of the Weser river around 70 kilometers inland from the North Sea.

The terminals at Bremen and Bremerhaven can handle nearly any form of cargo, including containers, cars, bulk and bulky items, dangerous goods, and project loading. Bremerhaven port is the World’s busiest harbor transporting cars. The port group in Bremerhaven also provides one of the most advanced and powerful passenger terminals for cruise ships with the Columbus Cruise Center. This port receives a total of 5 million TEU of containers each year.

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Wilhelmshaven Port

The Wilhelmshaven port is the largest deep-water port on the western bank of the Jade delta, located between the Ems and Weser rivers. Wilhelmshaven is a medium-sized port in Germany. This port is hidden behind a dual-chamber sea lock and is divided into two sections: an outer deep-water port with unique transshipment bridges and an inner harbor that is tide-free.

Wilhelmshaven is strategically built for the transportation of petroleum, crude oil, and chemical goods. It is also a major coal transshipment center for the German market.

Containers, refrigerated cargo, food, bulk cargo, project cargoes, and general cargo can all be transshipped at Wilhelmshaven’s port, which is fully equipped with the newest harbor facilities.

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Top Germany Exports and Imports

The top exports of Germany are Cars, Packaged Medicaments, Motor vehicles; parts and accessories, Vaccines, blood, antisera, toxins and cultures, and Planes, Helicopters, and/or Spacecraft, exporting mostly to United States, China, France, Netherlands, and United Kingdom.

The top imports of Germany are Cars, Motor vehicles; auto parts and accessories, Packaged Pharmaceuticals, Broadcasting Equipment, Vaccines, blood, antisera, and toxins, imported mostly from China, Netherlands, Poland, France, and Italy.

Market Update 2023

The UAE is Germany’s biggest trading partner in the region. After Turkey and on a par with Saudi Arabia, the UAE is Germany’s most important market in the Near and Middle East and North Africa.

According to OEC, in 2020, Germany was number 4 in total exports, number 3 in total imports, number 20 economy in terms of GDP per capita, and the number 4 most complex economy according to the Economic Complexity Index (ECI).

According to the Trading Economics database, exports to the UAE in Germany averaged 615,178.09 EUR THO from 2000 to 2022, reaching an all-time high of 2,298,230 EUR THO in December 2016 and 144,746.00 EUR THO in April.

In 2023, the trade market between Germany and the United Arab Emirates is flourishing. Germany is one of the leading trade partners of the UAE, and the two countries have strong economic ties. The UAE is a major market for German exports, and German companies are investing heavily in the UAE. The two countries are also cooperating closely on issues such as energy and climate change.

Banned Products

There are several products that are banned from entering Germany. These consist of

1. Products that contain asbestos
2. Products that contain mercury
3. Products that contain lead
4. Products that contain cadmium
5. Products that contain chromium VI
6. Products that contain brominated flame retardants
7. Products that contain PVC
8. Products that contain phthalates
9. Products that contain bisphenol A

Due to their potential harm to both human health and the environment, these items are banned.

Documents & Customs Clearance

One thing to take into account when exporting cargo internationally is customs clearance. You must be aware of the customs clearance regulations of the destination countries when shipping cargo from Germany.

The following documentation must be given to local customs for international shipments by the supplier, consignee, or intermediary:
1. Commercial Invoice
2. Packing List
3. Certificate of Origin
4. Letter of Credit (other payment terms)
5. Bill of Lading

To prevent any delays or issues with German customs, all this paperwork must be correct and comprehensive. Additionally, it is usually a good idea to insure your cargo in case any losses or damages happen while it is in transit.

Rules & Regulations

To determine whether receiving the goods from the United Arab Emirates pays off, you should check customs duties prior to importation. Customs laws are continually changing in every nation. Duty rates for the majority of products in the UAE are now fixed at 5% of CIF value following the approval of the uniform tariff for the GCC nations. It should be emphasized that products like alcohol and tobacco are exempt from this rule; instead, they are subject to 100% customs duty on alcohol and 50% duty on tobacco, respectively.

Visit the Federal Customs Authority‘s official website for additional information about customs rates.

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