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Unleash the Power of Your Supply Chain

DFreight is the next generation of digital freight forwarding, designed to streamline the entire process of shipping and make it more transparent, efficient, visible, and reliable.

Take Your Supply Chain to the Next Level
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DFreight’s digital platform helps you get rid of all the hassle of many frustrating phone calls and long threads of emails, and laborious paperwork by being constantly in touch with our sales, operations, and customs professionals.
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DFreight’s digital documentation system is quick and easy to use. All of the necessary documents can be generated with a few clicks, and they are stored securely in the cloud. This means that you can access them anytime, anywhere.
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DFreight’s tracking system gives you visibility into every step of the shipping process. You can see exactly where your shipment is, and you will be notified of any changes. Get access to the information from anywhere, at any time.
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DFreight’s digital platform provides you the flexibility you need to ship your goods how you want and when you want. With DFreight, you can choose from a variety of shipping options and benefit from a range of value-added services.
How Our Product Works
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Dashboard Overview
Manage It All in One Place

The DFreight Platform dashboard is the perfect way to get an overview of all your shipments and spot any issues. You can then dive deeper and fix them together with our support team.

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Submit an Inquiry
Order Shipment as Easily as ABC

No matter how you are going to ship your cargo worldwide, whether Ocean FCL, Ocean LCL, or Air, our platform helps you submit an inquiry in a few minutes to get the best affordable proposal.

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Proposal Delivery
The Best Proposal for Your Needs

Compare proposals and select the best one that suits your shipping needs based on the cheapest rate, the shortest transit time, and the closest departure.

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Booking Process
Finalize Your Booking in Easy Steps

Take a few minutes to fill out and submit your booking form by providing information on contact details, booking parties, commodity details, necessary documents, and billing, invoice details.

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Track & Trace
Track Your Shipments Effortlessly

Use DFreight’s easy-to-use Track & Trace System to track all your shipments in one place with a few clicks and enjoy peace of mind by knowing where your shipments are throughout the entire process.

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Communication Center
Be Constantly in Touch

The DFreight Communication Center is the most efficient way to communicate with our team all along the way. Our Communication Center ensures that you can always reach us when you need to.

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Document Center
Keep All Your Docs Organized

Keep all your commercial documents in check by using the DFreight Document Manager. With our convenient, user-friendly platform, you can upload and manage all your documents in one place.

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User Profile
Organized, Secure, and Flexible

Use DFreight’s advanced, and highly secured User Profile feature to create, add, and edit details on your profile as well as the list of your shipping parties any time.

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Finance Management
Stay on Top of Your Finances

Organize your finances with DFreight’s Finance Management system. This makes it easy for you to track and monitor your payments, invoices, and billing details in one place.

End-to-End Supply Chain Management

Digital freight forwarding platforms provide freight services that allow businesses to move their products and materials quickly and efficiently. These platforms offer a variety of services that can be customized to meet the specific needs of each business, and they provide a secure and efficient way to ship items.

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Track & Trace
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Customs clearance
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faq -

What is the DFreight platform?

Dfreight is a digital freight forwarding platform that helps shippers and logistics providers manage their shipments and supply chains more efficiently. Dfreight connects shippers with logistics providers around the world, and provides a single platform for managing all aspects of the shipment process, from quoting and booking to tracking and invoicing.

What benefits does the DFreight platform offer shippers?

Dfreight offers a number of benefits and value-added services to shippers around the world, including improved efficiency, transparency, supply chain visibility, and cost savings. Enterprise shippers can use the platform to manage all their shipments effectively and effortlessly in one consolidated place and benefit largely from communicating with our sales people, customs experts, and support professionals throughout the shipping processes of multiple shipments to resolve any issues that may arise.

Who can use the DFreight platform?

Any medium and large enterprise (MLE) that is going to import and export goods via ocean or air around the globe can use the platform to submit an inquiry, receive competitive shipping proposals, complete bookings, track multiple shipments, and request for customs clearance procedures. Clients (both shippers and consignees) will have access to their own personal panel.

How can I sign up for DFreight?

You can simply click the login tab on the top menu of our website, sign up, and create your user account immediately.

What modes of transport does the DFreight platform provide?

The DFreight platform currently provides three modes of freight transportation: Ocean FCL (Full Container Load), Ocean LCL (Less Than a Container Load: Shipping Pallets, Boxes, and Crates), and Air Freight.

Does the DFreight platform provide customs brokerage services for my shipments?

Yes, the DFreight platform provides customs brokerage services for shipments. You can simply check the box (I Want Customs Brokerage) while submitting your inquiry.

What should I do If I ran into a problem while submitting an inquiry or completing a booking?

You can use our Communication Center any time to get in touch with DFreight professionals. If you have already ordered a shipment, you can use the specific Shipment Chat to resolve any issues relating to your shipment. Otherwise, you can use our Help Chat to ask for any advice from our shipping experts before making any orders.