Kenya and Burki Motors FZCO and DFreight: A Logistics Success Story

Kenya and Burki Motors FZCO and DFreight

This blog post shows that in the world of used car shipping, DFreight has established a strong and stable partnership with Kenya and Burki Motors FZCO.

In the ever-evolving world of the international automotive trade, DFreight has cultivated a robust and enduring partnership with Kenya and Burki Motors FZCO. Headquartered in Dubai, Kenya, and Burki Motors FZCO specializes in the intricate business of importing used cars from Japan and shipping them to various destinations worldwide. The inception of this collaboration in 2021, underscores the deep-rooted trust and collaboration between the two entities and showcases the transformative capabilities of DFreight’s innovative logistics platform, specifically tailored to the unique challenges of shipping used cars efficiently and cost-effectively across borders.

Kenya and Burki Motors FZCO and DFreight: Deferred Cooperation

Kenya and Burki Motors FZCO, under the guidance of its owner, a native of Pakistan, has been a longstanding client of DFreight, with a substantial share of wallet (SOW) accounting for 30%. Despite their success, the company faced challenges in managing the logistics of importing and exporting cars efficiently and economically. The volumes were substantial, with the potential to handle up to 200 containers per month, making streamlined logistics an absolute necessity.

The real dilemma lay in the complexities of tracking shipments, maintaining open lines of communication with various stakeholders, and ensuring that the cargo reached its intended destinations on time and in optimal condition. DFreight recognized this challenge and set out to deliver a solution that would not only resolve the existing issues but also set the stage for more extensive collaboration in the future.

Revolutionizing Kenya and Burki Motors FZCO Logistics with DFreight Platform

The breakthrough in DFreight’s collaboration with Kenya and Burki Motors FZCO came in the form of a cutting-edge logistics platform. This platform offered a comprehensive solution that incorporated real-time tracking and communication features. DFreight’s innovative system enabled Kenya and Burki Motors FZCO to monitor the precise location of their containers, access critical data, and streamline communication with all relevant parties involved in the supply chain.

The real-time tracking allowed Kenya and Burki Motors FZCO to make informed decisions quickly and proactively address any potential issues, ultimately resulting in cost savings and a remarkable improvement in operational efficiency. The platform provided a user-friendly interface that empowered the client to control their shipments completely, transforming their logistics experience and setting new industry standards for excellence.

Farshad Kiafar, the CEO of DFreight, shared his thoughts on the partnership: “Our collaboration with Kenya and Burki Motors FZCO reflects the essence of what DFreight stands for – leveraging technology and innovation to simplify complex logistics. We take pride in contributing to our client’s success, and this partnership is a testament to our commitment to excellence.”

An official from Kenya and Burki Motors FZCO also added, “DFreight has been instrumental in enhancing our operations. The real-time tracking and communication features on their platform have been a game-changer. We have not only reduced costs but have also significantly improved our customer satisfaction by ensuring timely deliveries. We are excited about the continued growth of our partnership.”

Future Vision for Kenya and Borki Motors, FZCO and DFreight

The future is filled with optimism as the partnership between DFreight and Kenya and Burki Motors FZCO continues to thrive. The synergy of innovation, trust, and a shared vision for excellence has the potential to lead to even greater achievements. With the backing of DFreight’s state-of-the-art logistics platform, Kenya and Burki Motors FZCO is well-positioned to expand its reach, streamline its operations, and excel in the ever-evolving automotive logistics landscape. The successful journey of these two companies exemplifies the power of technology-driven logistics and the remarkable outcomes that can be achieved through collaboration and forward-thinking solutions.

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