Cost of Air Cargo-6 Helpful Advice

air cargo cost is discussed in this essay, to know the factor affecting the cost

In this article, items included in the air cargo cost will be discussed, and since air shipment is not a cheap way to move cargo, you need to consider the following points to manage your budget. Among freight services, air transportation uniquely connects the whole world and allows many small businesses to develop and expand internationally. Apart from easing the transportation of commodities, this money-making industry also contributes to the global economy’s development. According to IATA, one-third of airlines’ revenue comes from cargo handling.

The following article focuses on air transportation in the United Arab Emirates.

Air Freight to/from Abu Dhabi

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Section Involved in Air Cargo

The cost of air cargo is determined by many factors, including the type of aircraft, the type of commodity, the weight of the shipment, the distance the shipment will travel, and the handling required. This industry is complex and ever-changing, so it is difficult to estimate shipping costs without knowing all the shipment details. However, some general guidelines can help shippers determine the cost of air cargo. The type of aircraft used will significantly impact the cost of shipping. The size of the aircraft, the type of cargo it is designed to carry, and the fuel efficiency all play a role in the shipping cost.

For example, a 747 jumbo jet can carry more cargo than a smaller plane but will also use more fuel. The size of the shipment also plays a role in the shipping cost. Larger shipments will generally cost more to ship than smaller ones. The type of commodity being shipped also has an impact on the cost. Commodities that are considered hazardous or perishable will generally cost more to ship than those that are not. The weight of the shipment also affects the cost. Heavier shipments will generally cost more to ship than lighter ones.

The distance the shipment will travel is another factor that affects the cost. Shorter distances will generally cost less to ship than longer ones. This is because shorter distances generally require less fuel and fewer stops. The handling required is also a factor in the cost of shipping. This will generally add to the cost if the shipment requires special handling, such as refrigeration or special packaging. The cost of air cargo can vary greatly depending on all of these factors. It is essential to consider all of these factors when estimating the shipping cost. To summarize, the following points should be kept in mind:

  • Types of Flight Mode: The flight could be chartered or commercial.
  • Type of Aircraft: There are different types of freight aircraft, including non-cargo aircraft, civilian cargo aircraft, civil-military cargo aircraft, and unpiloted cargo aircraft.
  • Types of Air Cargo: General and special cargo.

The demand for air freight is limited by cost, typically priced 4–5 times that of road transport and 12–16 times that of sea transport. Air freight rates generally range from $1.50–$4.50 per kilogram, while the value of air cargo typically exceeds $4.00 per kilogram.

World Bank

Air Cargo Benefits and Drawbacks


You should know that this method has the highest availability among other methods.


With this method, you will experience the slightest delay in transferring your cargo, reducing costs.


This item can impose restrictions on consumers because it is the most expensive method of transportation. The importance of fuel prices in determining the cost of air cargo can not be overstated.


Unfortunately, in terms of the environment, it is one of the most harmful methods, with the highest environmental damage. Sustainability and green logistics are two terms that must be considered in air shipping.


Due to the high speed of this method and the maximum reduction of the delay, as a result, your storage time is significantly reduced, and consequently, your costs are reduced. The importance of inventory planning should not be underestimated.

Access to Countries

A helpful way to reach landlocked countries that allows them to meet their requirements.


Due to airport regulations, it is a safe way to send cargo. With this method, the possibility of damaging the cargo is low, and it is not prone to cargo theft.


Due to the regular schedule of flights, companies do their best to follow this schedule to achieve maximum efficiency.

Fuel now accounts for about half the annual cost of operating an aircraft, whether for cargo and passengers.

World Bank

Price Determining

Three primary factors are involved in determining air cargo prices: the type of cargo, distance, and timing. Cargo types include pallets or boxes, loose cargo or containers, dimensions, weight, and monetary value of the load. It should be noted that aviation is economical for long distances. Obviously, the greater the weight and dimensions of the load and the distance, the higher the cost of transportation. All you can do is prepare your shipment before delivery, keep the weight and dimensions within the allowable range, and have the documents ready and clear.

With all transportation methods, additional costs must be considered during the process. It’s also crucial to determine whether air transportation is appropriate for your product and entrust your shipment to a reliable and trustworthy company. These charges are apart from the sudden occurrence we addressed in the article on transportation challenges.

Where to find more information?

Please see the following content to ensure you have complete information about air freight.

Factors Affecting Shipping Rate

Final word

Air transportation is a convenient and fast way to move cargo and is suitable for small and large companies and individuals. Air transportation can send cargo to developing and landlocked countries in remote areas. Choose between shipping methods based on your shipping time, budget, and type of cargo. If you choose any method, trust us with your goods and cargo since it’s in capable hands. You can send your message or request for transfer through our website.


Is it possible to move all the cargo by plane?

Cargo classified as special cargo must be transported according to the laws of each region and in consultation with transport companies.

Which is cheaper, shipping by air or sea?

Ship freight is cheaper than air freight regardless of the challenges of each.

Can a cargo plane carry a car?

Yes, it can, you can transport cars by plane.


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