Air Freight to/from Abu Dhabi

air freight to/from Abu Dhabi

Looking for information on air freight to/from Abu Dhabi? Keep reading to find more about Abu Dhabi, this economic hub in the UAE. The capital and second most populated city of the United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi. It is also the capital of Abu Dhabi, the largest emirate of the United Arab Emirates’ seven…

Looking for information on air freight to/from Abu Dhabi? Keep reading to find out more about Abu Dhabi, an economic hub in the UAE. Abu Dhabi is the capital and second-most populated city of the United Arab Emirates. It is also the capital of Abu Dhabi, the largest emirate of the United Arab Emirates seven emirates. It is situated on a T-shaped island near the Persian Gulf. 

Because of its vast oil and gas resources, it is a big and well-developed emirate. It is the wealthiest emirate in the UAE and one of the world’s wealthiest cities. Abu Dhabi has emphasized other areas such as finance, construction, tourism, and others. 

To preserve its industry, Abu Dhabi must be properly connected to different countries by airways, allowing shipping companies and passengers to fly in and out without difficulties. Abu Dhabi is also home to one of the world’s busiest airports, Abu Dhabi International Airport.

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How Many Cargo Airports Are there in Abu Dhabi? 

The two major cargo and passenger airports are ideal for air freight to/from Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi International Airport

The second biggest airport in the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi International Airport is dedicated to air freight to/from Abu Dhabi, and it’s a hub for Air Arabia Abu Dhabi, Etihad Airways, Etihad Cargo, and Wizz Air Abu Dhabi. It has connections to more than 122 destinations in over 56 countries worldwide. It is well-designed and equipped with all modern facilities. It has undoubtedly risen with time. Abu Dhabi Airports processed 7,315 cargo flights and 51,885,686 kg of cargo in March 2020, averaging almost 1,800 flights and 13 million kg of cargo each week.

Al Ain International Airport 

Al Ain International Airport is the city’s second international airport for air freight to/from Abu Dhabi. It’s also a well-kept airport with nearly all the facilities required for traveling. It is the country’s fourth busiest airport. Future airport expansion plans, bolstered by the Emirate’s economic growth and Al Ain’s aerospace industry activities, include hi-tech flight operations, a VVIP terminal, and larger check-in counters to accommodate future traffic increases and speed up operations. The airport is noted for its worldwide organization and operational competence.

Cargo Airlines Currently Operating in Abu Dhabi 

There are two cargo transporting airlines with hubs in Abu Dhabi airports; these airlines are as follows: 

Etihad Cargo

Etihad Cargo, previously Etihad Crystal Cargo, is Etihad’s freight operations department. In June 2012, the airline updated its brand logo, removing the “Crystal” element and replacing it with full Etihad Cargo names applied billboard-style to match the airline’s current corporate design.

Etihad Cargo operates six Boeing B777Fs for air freight to/from Abu Dhabi purposes. It previously flew a Boeing 747-400F and a Boeing 747-8F, both leased from Atlas Air and flown in full Etihad Cargo livery. Due to a change in strategy and a reduction in freight capacity, Etihad stated in January 2018 that it would retire and sell or lease out its five relatively new Airbus A330-200F freighters. The sale of all five A330 freighters to DHL Aviation was announced in August 2018.

In 2012, Etihad Cargo transported 368,000 tonnes of cargo. The new Etihad facility at Abu Dhabi International Airport can handle more than 500,000 tonnes per year.

Etihad Cargo announced a redesigned and significantly decreased cargo destination network in September 2018 to reflect the smaller fleet and a concentration on primary freight activities.

Maximus Air Cargo

Maximus Air, an Abu Dhabi Aviation Group subsidiary, was founded in 2005 to ship large cargo. It is presently a regional air cargo carrier and cargo aircraft wet-lease operator (ACMI) with over 200 employees after five years in the region. It has nine all-cargo fleets of aircraft that it flies across the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Maximus Air is the UAE’s largest all-cargo airline, operating out of Abu Dhabi since 2005, and has European offices in the United Kingdom. It specializes in extremely large air cargo and aircraft leasing. Scheduled, charter, governmental, military, royalty, VIPs, and private to humanitarian sectors cargos are all served.

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Why DFreight?

DFreight offers a global network for all your air freight requirements, with guaranteed services and chosen Airline Partners. The capacity to transfer single or bulk goods by air, at any time to/from Dubai, is a major aspect of our freight management service.

How Can DFreight Help You? 

We provide various specialized services to fulfill your every requirement regarding air freight to/from Abu Dhabi, which sets us apart from other shipping companies. We offer expert, custom-tailored solutions at competitive prices.

Our main goal is to give excellent individualized customer service. This establishes a long-term relationship with our clients.

Customs clearance, insurance, and logistics are just a few value-added services available for air freight to/from Abu Dhabi.

We provide fair air freight rates and a full range of freight forwarding services. DFreight can ideally assist you with international logistics.

What Differentiates DFreight from Other Freight Forwarders?

Our strengths are our employees, the best in the business, and our values. We provide real-time progress reports so you can remain up to date on the status of your shipment. Additionally, we aim to digitize and automate all logistical procedures inside and outside the UAE.

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How much does it cost to ship a container to Abu Dhabi?

The cost of air freight shipping to and from Abu Dhabi varies depending on the destination and container size. Contact us to get a free quote.

What is the zip code of Abu Dhabi? 

There is no postal code or ZIP code in the UAE. You can just type N/A or 00000 in places where it is required.

What documents are needed for air freight to/from Abu Dhabi?

Airway Bill, bills of lading, certificate of origin, carriage contract, and export declaration are among the highly needed documents.

Does DFreight provide customs services for air freight to/from Abu Dhabi? 

Yes, DFreight customs experts are ready to answer all your customs-related questions. You are just one step away, contact us for more information.

Does DFreight ship containers to other destinations out of Dubai?

Yes, DFreight ships goods to the world. We can ship your goods to/from different destinations, and today, we have over 100 happy customers globally.

What are the cost saving tips for shipping air freight to the UK from UAE?

To save on costs when shipping air freight to UK from UAE, consider using a freight forwarder, consolidating shipments, and choosing the most cost-effective airline.

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