How Can I Compare Proposals and Select the Best One?

After you submit an inquiry for your shipment, you need to wait for a short while until the proposals are delivered. Proposals are the offers we provide for your shipment order based on the details you’ve submitted to the inquiry form.

Inquiries List Page - View Proposals
Inquiries List Page

Types of Proposal Delivery

The DFreight proposal delivery consists of two types:

  1. Automatic Proposal Delivery: These proposals are created and delivered immediately after you submit your inquiry. They are generated automatically based on the previously-created proposals of similar shipment orders.
  2. Manual Proposal Delivery: If you submit an inquiry for a new shipment order or trade lane for which proposals haven’t been created before, you need to wait for nearly 24 hours to receive the proposals created by DFreight sales professionals.

How Can I Filter Shipment Proposals?

You can sort out the proposals by selecting any of the filters below, compare, and select the best one suited to your shipping needs:

  • Cheapest Rate
  • Shortest Transit Time
  • Closest Departure
Proposal Comparison Factors
Proposal Comparison Factors