What Is a Proposal, and What Does It Include?

Once you submit an inquiry for your shipment on the DFreight Digital platform, you need to wait until the system provides you with at least one proposal. Proposals are the offers we provide our customers based on the details they submit to the Inquiry Form.

Proposals are the results of the paths that our platform’s matching system can create based on the stories and the cargo readiness date. Note that each proposal is unique and differs from other proposals by its suppliers, transit time, rates, or main transit quote.

What Details Does a Proposal Include?

  • Origin Country and City
  • Destination Country and City
  • Estimated Transit Time (ETA)
  • Total Cost, which includes the following cost breakdown:
  1. Origin Charges (Pickup – Trucking – Haulage – Drayage)
  2. International Charges (Ocean Freight/Air Freight)
  3. Destination Charges (Delivery Charges)
  4. Overall Charges (Extra Charges)
  • Path Line Steps (to see what ports your shipment will go through in the journey and when it will arrive at each one)
  • Freight Suppliers (Shipping lines, Airlines, Trucking Companies, etc.)
  • Proposal ID
  • Proposal Expiry Date
  • More Details (Shipment Milestones and Cost Breakdown)
01 Proposal Card -
Proposal Card
02 Proposal More Details -
More Details on a Proposal

In order to select the best proposal that suits your shipping needs, you can sort them based on the following factors:

  • Cheapest Rate
  • Shortest Transit Time
  • Closest Departure
03 Proposal Sort -
Sort Proposals

Once you have selected a proposal, click the “Continue” button and agree with the Terms and Conditions to complete your booking by providing all the necessary information and documents.

04 Continue a Proposal -
Agree with the Terms and Conditions and Continue to Complete Your Booking