What Is the Address Book and How Does It Work?

The Address Book is an essential part of the digital freight forwarding process and is essential in ensuring that shipments are routed correctly and arrive at their final destination in a timely manner.

The Address Book is used to store and manage the addresses of the customer and her shipment parties and is used to calculate the origin and destination trucking charges for each shipment. This is why it is important to ensure that the addresses of the pickup and delivery locations are accurate and up-to-date in the Address Book at all times.

Why Should I Use the Address Book?

For every shipment, customers are required to provide the address of the pick-up/delivery locations to DFreight. This address is stored in the Address Book, where it is accessible for the DFreight operators and customers to view and use. This address is then used to determine the shipment’s origin and destination trucking charges.

The Address Book is also used to update the pickup/delivery locations for shipments that are in progress. This is necessary since changes in the supply chain can often result in changes to the pickup/delivery locations.

By using the Address Book, the customer and the DFreight operator can quickly and easily update the addresses of the pickup/delivery locations, ensuring that the shipment is routed correctly and delivered in a timely manner.

How Can I Use the Address Book?

While completing your shipment inquiry, if either of the origin/destination (Pickup/Delivery) terminals is selected as “Door”, you need to provide an address (If “Port” is selected, you just need to choose the Port from the drop-down menu).

Addresses -
Select Address on the Inquiry Form

To provide an address for origin or destination locations, click on “AddressBook” and choose one from the list on the pop-up window.

AddressBook -
Select an Address From the List

How Can I Edit a Shipment Party’s Address?

In order to change, edit, or update a shipment party’s address, go to your “Profile” page, click on the “Shipment Parties” tab, select an existing shipment party, and click on the blue “Edit Icon” at the right-hand side of the card.

Shipment Parties Tab on Profile Page
Shipment Parties Tab on the Profile Page

You can update the address on the “Edit Participant” window. You can also access the Address Book by clicking on the “Address Book” tab to add a new address or edit any of the existing ones.  

Edit Participant 1 -
Edit Participant Window