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Said to Contain (STC) The Said to Contain statement is a declaration made by the shipping company on a Bill of Lading, specifying the type of shipment to be loaded into a sealed container. The STC also warns the carrier that the contents of the container are unknown before shipment.
Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) An SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) is a unique 18-digit number used to identify goods shipments. The code tracks shipments throughout the supply chain, from when the goods are produced until they are delivered to the end customer.
Service Level of Warehousing The service level of warehousing, or the delivery readiness level, relates to a company’s capacity for delivery and its readiness to comply with a customer’s request. It can be estimated using the ratio of all entirely satisfying orders.
Shelf A shelf is a horizontal surface that is used to store or display objects. One benefit of employing shelf is that they may be customized for various designs dependent on objects.
Shipment A shipment is a group of products or items that are sent together. A shipment can be sent by land, air, or sea and shipped domestically or internationally.
Shipper A shipper is a company responsible for shipping goods and materials from one location to another. A shipper might be responsible for shipping goods from a manufacturer to a retailer or from a retailer to a customer.
Shipping Quote A shipping quote estimates how much it will cost to ship goods from one location to another. The quote may include the cost of shipping, insurance, and any other fees based on period, distance, and region.
Shortage A shortage occurs when a good or service demands exceed the quantity available.
Side Loading Side loading is the process of loading and unloading cargo onto or from a transport vehicle. Transported products are not typically loaded and unloaded from the rear but rather from the side when side loading. Side loading is frequently used when a loading ramp is not available or when it is not possible to load from the back. Additionally, side loading occurs when it is challenging to load large items.
Six Sigma Six Sigma is a quality control strategy that seeks to reduce the number of defects in a method by identifying and removing the root causes. The goal is to improve the process’s quality and products and make the process more efficient and cost-effective.
Skid Steer A skid steer is a versatile piece of construction equipment that can be used for various tasks, including excavating, grading, loading, lifting, moving, and hauling.
Slow-moving Items Slow-moving items are products that have very low sales volume and turnover. They typically have high inventory levels and sit on store shelves for long periods.
Small-Parts Warehouse A small parts warehouse is a facility that stores and manages small inventory items. These items are typically less than one cubic foot in size and weigh less than 25 pounds. A small parts warehouse is usually automated.
Spare Parts Logistics Spare parts logistics is managing the procurement, storage, and distribution of spare parts and other components used to maintain and repair machinery and equipment.
Special Transport A Special Transport is a type of transport used to move oversize or overweight loads that cannot be transported using standard vehicles and methods. Special Transports are typically used for construction projects, heavy machinery, and other large loads.
Specifications A specification is a document that describes a set of requirements that a product or service must meet.
Split Delivery Split delivery is a shipping method in which a single order is split into two or more shipments and delivered to the customer at different times. This allows the customer to receive the items they need sooner while also allowing the seller to spread out the cost of shipping.
Spot Market A spot market is a market in which assets or commodities are bought and sold for immediate delivery. A spot market can trade currencies, equities, bonds, and other financial instruments.
Stock Transfer A stock transfer is the conveyance of a stock or security from one person or entity to another. The transfer may be affected by the physical delivery of the stock certificate or by the new owner’s entry into the stock ledger.
Storage Storage is the process of keeping something in a place or the space where something is kept.
Storage Costs Storage costs are the costs that are incurred when storing inventory. These costs can include the cost of the space used to store the inventory, the cost of labor associated with storing the inventory, and the cost of materials used to store the inventory.
Storage Fee A storage fee is a fee charged by a storage facility for storage space. Storage fees are typically charged monthly, depending on the size of the storage space rented.
Storage Location A storage location is a specific location within a storage facility where items are stored. Storage locations can be designated by aisle, row, shelf, or other systems.
Storage Location Allocation Storage location allocation is the process of assigning storage locations to specific products or materials. This ensures that the right product is stored in the right place and that products are not stored in places that are not suitable for them.
Storage of Dangerous Goods Storage of dangerous goods is the process of storing dangerous goods safely and securely. This includes the proper labeling of containers, the correct storage of containers, and the proper disposal of dangerous goods.
Straight Truck A straight truck is a truck with a single, uninterrupted body used to transport goods. These trucks are typically used for local deliveries instead of long-haul trucking.
Stringer Pallet A stringer pallet is a pallet with stringers, or supports, running along the length of the pallet. Stringer pallets are typically used in applications where the pallet will be subject to heavy loads or repeated use.
Subhauler A subhauler is a company or individual that provides transportation services to another company, typically as part of a more significant contract. The subhauler is responsible for picking up and delivering goods or materials according to the terms of the agreement.
Subsequent Delivery A subhauler is a company or individual that provides transportation services to another company, typically as part of a more significant contract. The subhauler is responsible for picking up and delivering goods or materials according to the terms of the agreement.
Supplier A supplier is a business that provides services or goods to another business.
Supplier Kanban Supplier kanban (SK) is a kanban used to manage supplier relationships and improve communication between suppliers and customers. Supplier kanban can track supplier performance, manage supplier delivery, and identify potential quality issues.
Supply Chain A supply chain is a network of suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses, and distribution centers that work together to get goods to the consumer.
Swap Body A swap body is a semi-trailer with no wheels or axles to transport goods by rail.

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