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Term Definition
Damaged Goods Damaged goods are items that have been injured somehow, usually during shipping or storage. Damaged goods may be returned to the sender for a refund, or they may be sold at a discount.
Damage Protection Plan (DPP) Damage Protection Plan is a company that rents out containers and offers an insurance policy to guard against damage to rented containers. Under this plan, the leasing business provides supplemental insurance for the rented container while it is under the customer’s care.
Dangerous Goods Dangerous Goods are any items that may risk the safety of people, property, or the environment. They can be solids, liquids, or gases and can be found in many common household items. They require special labeling and packaging to transport.
Dangerous Goods Labelling Dangerous goods labeling is a system that warns people of the risks of handling hazardous materials. The labels are usually brightly colored and feature a pictogram to indicate the type of hazard. They also include the proper precautions to take when handling the material.
Dashboard A dashboard is a user interface that provides information to the person accessing it in a way that is easy to understand. Users can access all the information related to their transport, flow of goods, tracking, and digital documents.
Debt Collection Debt collection is the method of pursuing payments of debts owed by people or businesses. Collection agencies typically collect overdue accounts on behalf of creditors and often use debt collectors to perform this task. In logistics, the phrase “debt collection” can also signify that items are only provided in exchange for monetary payment.
Declared Value The Declared Value is the maximum liability the carrier will assume for loss or damage of your goods in case of a claim. It is important to note that the Declared Value is not insurance.
Declared Value for Carriage The declared value for carriage is the value of your goods as declared by you for calculating any applicable charges like damage, loss, or delay.
Dedicated Contract Carriage Dedicated contract carriage is a trucking service in which a carrier hauls freight for a single customer on a dedicated, long-term basis. This service is often used by companies that need to move large amounts of cargo regularly, such as manufacturers or retailers.
Degree of Readiness to Deliver The degree of readiness to deliver is a metric that measures the percentage of orders that a company can fulfill immediately.
Delivered at Frontier (DAF) Delivered at Frontier (DAF) is a pricing arrangement whereby the seller delivers the goods to the frontier of the buyer’s country. The buyer is responsible for transportation costs and customs duties from the boundary onwards.
Delivered at Place (DAP) Delivered at Place (DAP) is an Incoterm that indicates that the seller is responsible for delivering the goods to a designated place, such as the buyer’s warehouse, office, or factory. The seller is also responsible for transportation costs, including import duties and taxes.
Delivered at Terminal (DAT) Delivered at Terminal (DAT) is a pricing arrangement for the delivery of goods. Under a DAT agreement, the seller is responsible for delivering the goods to the terminal at the destination port. The buyer is responsible for picking up the goods and paying all costs from that point.
Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) is an Incoterm in which the seller is responsible for paying all customs duties and taxes and clearing the goods for import on behalf of the buyer. The seller must also ensure that the goods are delivered to the buyer’s door.
Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU) Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU) is an outdated rule now that means the seller is responsible for delivering the goods to the buyer but is not responsible for paying any duties or taxes due on the shipment.
Delivered Ex Ship (DES) Delivered ex ship (DES) is a trade term that indicates that the price for goods includes delivery to the named port of destination but does not include unloading from the vessel.

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