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Jettison Jettison is an intentional act of throwing parts of a shipment or dropping out some body part of a vessel to save the rest of the shipment or the whole vessel from complete damage. Jettison is a way to protect the ship and its cargo by getting rid of part of the load if necessary. If a jettison occurs, the shipowner is legally entitled to collect contributions from all those who benefited from the jettison to compensate for the losses incurred. This system ensures that everyone involved in the shipping process shares the risk equally.
JIT JIT stands for Just in Time. JIT is used to reduce the time within the production unit and to increase efficiency overall. This methodology relies on accurate forecasting of customer demand to process orders adequately.
Jumbo In logistics, “jumbo” refers to a huge shipment. This could be a large order from a customer, jumbo vehicles like trucks with a huge loading volume, or a large shipment of raw materials or finished goods.
Just in Sequence (JIS) Just in a sequence is an assembly process in which components are delivered to the production line in the order they will be used. This type of assembly is often used in the automotive industry.
Just in Time The production of goods or services in quantity, at the time required, and no more. Just in Time manufacturing aims to minimize production throughput times by coordinating the material flow with the manufacturing process. This results in reduced inventory and sometimes significant savings. Just in Time manufacturing also allows companies to react immediately to market changes.
Just in Time Production Just in Time Production is a system in which goods are produced only as needed, in the quantities required. This system is also known as the “pull” system because production is “pulled” by the demand for the product rather than “pushed” by a production schedule.

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