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One-way pallet A one-way pallet is a pallet that is designed for one-time use when shipping goods. Because it is not standardized, the one-way pallet is available in various sizes and shapes. The design of a single pallet is typically determined by the needs and specifications of the customer or the nature of the shipment of the products.
Online Freight Exchange An online freight exchange is a marketplace that connects shippers and carriers. It allows shippers to list their freight shipments and allows carriers to bid on those shipments.
Order Batch An order batch is a combination of orders that have been grouped together in order to be processed as a single unit. Order batches are typically used by businesses that process a large number of orders on a daily basis in order to make the order processing more efficient.
Order Confirmation An order confirmation is a written confirmation of an order that a store sends to a customer after placing an order. It contains the order details and often includes a tracking number so the customer can follow the order’s progress.
Order Item An order item is a single product or product number in the context of a sales order.
Order Management Order management is tracking and managing customer orders from when they are placed until they are fulfilled. It involves managing customer data, inventory, and the order fulfillment process. Order management systems are used to automate and streamline these processes.
Order Picking Order picking is selecting and gathering items from a warehouse to fill customer orders. Order picking can be done manually, using a pick list, or using automated systems, such as an order picking cart or a voice-directed picking system.
Order Picking System An order picking system is an inventory management system used to track and manage the picking and packing of orders in a warehouse or distribution center. The system is used to track the inventory levels of each SKU in the warehouse and the location of each SKU. Order pickers use the system to locate and pick the items needed for each order. The system can be used to track orders manually or can be automated with the use of barcodes, RFID tags, and other tracking technologies.
Order Picking Technology Order picking technology is a technology that helps companies to optimize their order picking processes. Order picking is retrieving products from a warehouse or stockroom to fulfill customer orders. Order picking technology can help companies improve their accuracy, speed, and efficiency.
Order Picking Warehouse An Order Picking Warehouse is a type of distribution center filling orders by selecting products from the shelves. Order Products are prepared for picking at a picking warehouse, which is storage space. The merchandise must always be reachable by the selector, unlike in a typical warehouse. Complete load units cannot be taken from a picking warehouse, nor are items transferred or stored there. This contrasts with other warehouses, such as assembly warehouses, where products are assembled to order.
Order Processing Order processing is a system that tracks and manages orders from when they are placed until they are completed. It is usually used by businesses that sell products or services online.
Order Sequence The order sequence is the order in which products are delivered to a customer.
Origin of Goods The origin of goods is the country of manufacture, production, or growth of the goods. The country of origin determines the rate of duty, restrictions, quotas, and other trade regulations that may apply to the goods.
Original Equipment Manufacturer An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is a company that produces parts and equipment that another manufacturer may market.
Outbound Logistics Outbound logistics manages the storage and transportation of finished products from a company to the customer. This can include picking and packing orders, shipping, and managing inventory.
Outsourcing Outsourcing is hiring a company or individual to perform a task or service that employees of the outsourcing company could achieve.
Over Carrier An over carrier is a carrier that provides transportation for another carrier’s shipments. Over carriers are typically used by smaller carriers that do not have the resources to provide their transportation.

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