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Value Added Logistics (VAL) Value added logistics (VAL) is a type of supply chain management that focuses on adding value to the products and services delivered. This can be achieved in some ways, such as by customizing the delivery or packaging, offering installation or assembly services, or offering additional assistance. VAL aims to save expenses while increasing customer pleasure and loyalty.
Value-Added Services The term “value-added services” describes a company’s additional services to its customers. These services are designed to add value to the customer’s experience and improve the customer’s satisfaction with the company’s products or services. Services like packing or picking up the items from the customer’s location are two examples of logistics.
Vehicle Transfer A Vehicle Transfer is an act of moving a vehicle from one place to another. This can involve moving a car from one country to another for registration and operation, from an importer to a dealer, or from a dealer to a consumer. Moving a vehicle is frequently done so on a trailer or vehicle transporter that has been professionally outfitted. Special transporters within closed trailers may be used to carry particularly valuable autos.
Vehicle Transport Vehicle transport is the service of transporting vehicles from one location to another. This can be done via land, air, or water and is often used when people are relocating or need to transport a vehicle to another city or country.
Vendor A vendor is an individual or a company that provides goods or services to another company or person. This term is also referred to as the supplier.
Virtualization Virtualization is making a virtual version of something, such as an operating system, a server, a storage device, or network resources.
Visibility In logistics, visibility is the ability to track and trace the movement of goods as they travel through the supply chain. This data can be used to optimize the flow of goods and improve the efficiency of the overall supply chain.

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