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Term Definition
Unit Cost A unit cost is the cost of a single unit of a good or service. Both fixed expenses and variable costs are included in this cost, which is an accounting metric. The metric can be used to gauge how effectively a company operates.
Universal Product Code (UPC) A UPC is a barcode used to identify products in stores. It is a 12-digit number that is unique to each product. The first six digits of the UPC are known as the “manufacturer’s code,” which identifies the company that made the product. The next five digits are the “product code,” which identifies the specific product. The last digit is the “check digit,” used to ensure that the UPC has been scanned correctly. The UPC is used in a warehouse to track inventory in addition to being used to identify products.
Unloading Point An unloading point is where goods are unloaded from a vehicle or vessel. This can be a port, warehouse, or part of a company building used for handling goods. Generally, the unloading point has different equipment for taking out goods from the arriving vehicles or ships. This might include a ramp, crane, filling support, or conveyor system.
Urgent Transport An urgent transport is a type of shipping that is classified as time-critical or with an immediate deadline with little prior notice. This means that the customer needs to ship goods immediately, and the delivery must be made as quickly as possible.

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