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At DFreight, we provide a wide range of business sea freight services for a variety of commodities, including foods, fruits, electronicscosmetics, and furniture; offering transparent, effective, and reliable door-to-door cargo to Jamaica from the UAE and vice versa. You can conduct business without being concerned about the challenges of shipping from the UAE to Jamaica using our all-in-one digital freight solutions.

Our digital freight forwarding platform provides real-time monitoring of shipments, ensuring that you have complete visibility and control over your cargo. We offer end-to-end services tailored to your unique requirements, making shipping to and from Jamaica a hassle-free experience. We help you ship business cargo to various cities in Jamaica, including Kingston, Montego Bay, Portmore, etc. in the easiest, fastest, and safest way possible.

You can rely on DFreight to assist you with all of your international cargo shipping to Jamaica thanks to our FCL and LCL shipment ocean freight cargo services. With the help of our digital freight platform, you may submit your inquiry right away and receive the best competitive prices for shipping your cargo to Jamaica.

Major Sea Ports in Jamaica
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Port of Kingston

Jamaica’s Port of Kingston is located on the seventh-largest natural harbor in the world. This port is located on the important north-south-east-west axis that runs through the Caribbean. A nearly landlocked water area about 16 kilometers long and 3.2 kilometers wide, it is around 32 miles from the active commercial lines that travel via the Panama Canal.

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Port of Montego Bay

The second-largest port in Jamaica is Montego Bay, which has room for four ships. Additionally, it is a prestigious Jamaican cruise. At least four ships may land at the pier in the Freeport area of Montego Bay, which is located about 3 meters and 5 kilometers west of the city center. From the Freeport zone, Montego Bay extends east and north past the town center and the tourism area.

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Port Antonio

Port Antonio is located on Jamaica’s northeastern coast and serves as the parish’s capital. About 100 miles separate it from Kingston. The third-largest port on the island, Port Antonio is renowned for being a shipping hub for primarily bananas and coconuts and is also one of the island’s most popular tourist destinations.

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Top Jamaica Exports and Imports

The top exports of Jamaica are Aluminum Oxide, Refined Petroleum, Hard Liquor, Aluminum Ore, and Other Processed Fruits and Nuts, exporting mostly to United States, Netherlands, Canada, United Kingdom, and Russia.

The top imports of Jamaica are Refined Petroleum, Petroleum Gas, Cars, Crude Petroleum, and Raw Iron Bars, importing mostly from United States, China, Turkey, Japan, Trinidad and Tobago.

Market Update 2023

According to OEC, in 2021, Jamaica was the number 131 economy in the world in terms of GDP, the number 153 in total exports, the number 133 in total imports, the number 106 economy in terms of GDP per capita and the number 75 most complex economy according to the Economic Complexity Index.

Jamaica exported US$551.97 Thousand during 2021 to the United Arab Emirates and imported US$3.86 Million during 2021 from the UAE, according to the Trading Economics database.

The JamaicaUAE freight market in 2023 is rapidly growing and is expected to be one of the most successful freight markets in the world. With the UAE‘s positioning as a Global Hub, it is now the largest freight exporter to Jamaica, transporting goods such as food and consumer products. Additionally, Jamaica is well on its way to becoming the Middle East‘s premier logistics hub, allowing for greater trade opportunities between the two countries.

Banned Products

Jamaica enforces a strict policy on which products can and cannot be imported into the country. These include poisons, firearms, drugs, GMOs, hazardous additives, exposed radiation, damaged items, improperly packaged items, and pornography. Consumers should be aware of the regulations in place when importing goods into Jamaica.

Documents & Customs Clearance

One thing to take into account when exporting cargo internationally is customs clearance. You must be aware of the customs clearance regulations of the destination countries when shipping cargo from Jamaica.

The following documentation must be given to local customs for international shipments by the supplier, consignee, or intermediary:

A commercial invoice
A packing list
A bill of lading
A certificate of origin

Rules & Regulations

When importing goods into Jamaica, importers must adhere to the country‘s Rules and Regulations governing the movement of goods into the country. These rules and regulations cover a range of issues such as tariffs, taxes, and duty rates for various products, as well as restrictions on certain goods. In addition, all goods imported into Jamaica must comply with the laws of the country in terms of safety and environmental standards. Entities wishing to export goods into Jamaica must also have the necessary permits and permissions, as well as providing the required documentation and fees. Importers should be aware that noncompliance can lead to serious penalties.

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